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Supporting local businesses with resources and tools is our priority. Our Business Services team makes it easy for you to gain access to these tools that support a strong workforce in San Bernardino County. Just call us or email us about using the services listed below. Don’t leave money on the table. We have access to funding that will help your business save time and money.

  • Free Human Resources Hotline – help protect your business from costly fines and penalties. For general HR questions, pick up the phone and call 877-282-3763.
  • Customized recruitment services – let us save your money, time and energy by finding you the right employees to fit your needs
  • Access to a large pool of screened job applicants – we have a database of pre-screened and assessed applicants to choose from
  • Customized training programs – save up to 50 percent on the training needed to build up your team’s skills to take your business to the next level
  • On-the-Job Training funds – we have funding to reimburse you for the initial training period for your new employees, up to 50 percent reimbursement of their wages for up to three months is available
  • Provide tax credit information – we can help you leverage benefits through Federal and State hiring tax credits, California Competes Tax Credit, and tax credits on qualified machinery purchases

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Curtis Compton, 909.215.7255,

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